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Isnt this a bitch, walking the dog I see a detective nd he keeps looking at me I see him walking behind a car then he see me looking nd he crosses the street to where I am nd he is peeing I turn cuz im start talking to a dude on my block nd he is still peeing then walks away. Mind u as a cop he should kno better sht if he would have seen anyone else doing what he did they would have got a ticket. Lol

I use to tell this to my niece’s nd nephew’s when I use to watch them…. I am ur aunt nd as ur aunt I will spoil u when nd if I can but as ur babysitter I have to right to kill u if u act up lol. They knew I was just that crzy nd it worked there all great :( but no all have grown #DamnU lol stoppppppp growning sht

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