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This has been going on a lot cuz some police believe they can do anything so know ur rights I don’t know if they still do this but you should know it nd watch out for the wavier. Do not resist arrest put ur hands up nd don’t fight y’all r getting urself kill again know the law. Nd this choke hold has been banned by police since 1993 but they still use ( Chokeholds have been banned since 1993 under NYPD rules, but from 2009 through 2013ย there were 1,022 complaints about their useย brought before the Civilian Complaint Review Board, The New York Times reports) also please don’t think all cops r the same just because of the bad ones there r good cops out there also.

As much as I like this station #LaMega I don’t find it funny at all that there cracking sub jokes on the man that die at police hand cuz of choke hold, some subject ppl shouldn’t make fun of nd the death of someone isn’t funny

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